Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've been on the hunt for "before" pictures so here's one for you:

I think I was around 170-175 in this pic. It was right before I got engaged in 2007. I wan't huge, but I'd put on around 15 to 20 pounds when I met my husband and I wasn't feeling my best.

I also have one from before-before when I was really big. I just need to get it scanned in. It's my scary picture. The one that just broke my heart and opened my eyes. The one above isn't nearly so bad. I hide the really old one in my jewelry box because I'm still so embarassed by it. I think I'm working up the nerve to post it, so bear with me. All of you who put up so many pics are so brave. I'm really trying.

And here's me at Halloween. We dressed up Mad Men style at work so I look much more groomed than usual, but it's my blog so it's okay if I want to show myself looking my best, right?

Anywhoo - that's me! Hi!


  1. Hiya, Hot stuff.
    That is a great photo and you look amazing.

  2. You look great before as well as after, but yes I can see the weight loss too. Great job!! :-)

  3. I think you look nice in both pictures, but I understand why you like the second one better. (Cute dress, BTW)