Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chill Sunday

The weather here in Seattle is pretty crummy so it was a great day to stay in and be cozy. Got some cleaning done, made a big pot of homemade spagetti sauce, and hit the gym in the late afternoon. Looking forward to some pasta tonight - it's a big treat for me these days! I really try to limit those carbs. They don't tend to do me any favors, but once in awhile is just fine.

Later I'm going to get the lunches and dinners for the week all set up, and then watch a little Walking Dead while hiding behind hubby on the couch. I equally love and am terrified by zombies so I'm really enjoying the show. AMC. Mad Men AND zombies - I love it!

I also spent part of the morning watching/fast forwarding through all the Biggest Loser episodes available On Demand. As with zombies, I'm equally facinated and repelled. I can see why people find it so inspiring, but I hate the ridiculous focus on dropping huge amounts of weight. It just seems so unrealistic and it gives people at home this inflated expectation of weight loss. Not to mention the fact that if these contestants didn't have the eyes of the nation on them, would they actually be able to keep the weight off when they get back home? I sincerely doubt it. I don't know, I'm torn about it. Anything that can be done to help with obesity is good, but like everything else in this country of ours, it's about instant gratification and putting all the responsibility on the individual. I just don't see it as a receipe for success in the end.

What do you guys think? Any of you huge BL fans?


  1. Good evening Maude. Thank you for stopping by and your opinion on the picture. I'm not much for sharing pics of me but it's getting just a little easier.
    I just spent that last little while reading parts of your blog and I'm telling you it was great reading. I am following you now and will be very interested to watching you and encourage you on this great life style change journey.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. I love BL because it reminds me what I can get to if I just work hard enough. The huge weight loss is unrealistic for real life - these people are at the ranch and working out is their job. Who has that kind of time in real life? Not me.

  3. I think you've hit on the BL conundrum exactly! It's a great show that helps people get healthy and get into shape. But the emphasis on big numbers week after week...I think most contestants find it very difficult to maintain the weight loss when they go home. I remember one of the follow-up episodes a few years ago, one contestant said that just to maintain her weight loss she needs to work out 2.5 hours EVERY DAY, 7 days a week. Who can do that?!


  4. I saw part of one episode a few years ago and had to turn it off. It's unrealistic - and (agreeing with Christine) very hard to maintain when you're back in real life. I know it's old advice, but what's wrong with "slow and steady wins the race"?