Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How I Learned To Love the Kettlebell

Apparently my thai food indiscretion didn't do lasting damage. Careful eating in the week before balanced it out. Now let's see if I can make it through the Thanksgiving weekend the same way.

I also realized I haven't mentioned much about my personal training since I posted about having hired her in the first place. Just to preface, I realize I'm lucky in that I'm able to afford to hire her. Not everyone has the time or money to do it, but if you do, I think it can be a really worthwhile investment. Especially for women. Even just for a month or two. Of you ladies out there who workout at a gym, who hasn't felt intimidated when wandering around in the weight training area? Yes, you can use the weight machines with relatively little embarassment or explanation, but what about the freeweights? Or kettlebells? Or cable machines? All of these make for a much better workout than the machines IF you know how to use them properly. And without instruction, who does? I had hired a trainer a few years ago, and prior to that, I had no clue. My new trainer has refreshed my memory and given me a whole new workout using kettlebells, which are absolutely awesome! She's very focused on making each move work several different areas on the body - perfect for efficiency. Who wants to be at the gym all day? With the right training, I've got a 30-45 minute workout that does wonders. It's ended up being more than worth the cost, which is how I felt the last time too. It definitely is worth it to invest in your body every so often and spend the time and money to learn how to best use the equipment at the gym. I meet with her once a week, and she gives me homework to do the other days. Like with everything else in weight loss, you get out what you put in. But sometimes you need just a little help.

On a side note, I also have a pet peeve about "women's sections" at the gym. Not women's gyms, but special sections at a coed gym that are reserved for women. One of mine has this, and I HATE it. I understand that there are women out there who feel intimidated. I do. But my feeling is, get a good explanation about how to properly use equipment, and then get out there and own it! The thing is that if we continue to behave as though we're too intimidated and should be separate, then men will treat us like we should be separate and should stop taking up "their" space in the weight training areas at the gym, which are inevitably stocked with better equipment than the "women's sections" with their pastel rubber covered freeweights. Trust me, I feel the pain of being intimidated sometimes. I'm in Seattle where men don't actually hit on you, but they have no problem coming over just to be "helpful" and give you instruction on properly using equipment. It's condecending and obnoxious. I don't care if my form is off - that's no business of yours unless you're one of the trainers at the gym. Otherwise, don't talk to me. I'm working out. But hiding ourselves away just makes these guys worse! If they got used to seeing women out there sweating and grunting while doing their weight routines they'd realize that we're just there to work out too. And let's be honest - no one's being hit on so much that they can't get their workout done. It's not about that - it's about fear of looking stupid in front of men. We get scared and nervous. I've seen it a million times and sometimes it's me! Wandering around the gym, not sure what to do or how to use something. Just ask! No shame in it at all. When you learn how to do it right, weight training is so empowering. The shame is in hiding. And we've all done enough of that.


  1. I will be joining the gym the first of December. They offer a trainer for 3 sessions for $90.00, that for me on top of the membership is to much but maybe later on I can.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. I sure appreciate that. Really!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Maude. I hope it's the most blessed one possible. Take care~

  2. You go girl! Screw the "women only" attitude. I've had that same experience in the past, very annoying. (Well, just keep in mind that maybe it's because you are cute that the men want to help! It's a double edge sword, I guess.) Bottom line is, don't be intimidated, just do your own thing.

    I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving and handling the bad weather! Take care, Grace

  3. Ha ha! I love that--women's pastel freeweights. I feel the same way--why do women get the "weeny weights" when men get the good equipment? It's dumb! I'm all for using the men's equipment, but I admit that I get totally intimidated by going over to the men's section. Inevitably I feel like the men are watching me, either because I've got boobs or because I may not be lifting properly. I hate that! But weight training is *SOOOO GOOD* and most women don't do it at all, even on the machines. I love that you do it--keep it up!!

  4. Weight training is really important for women! Keeps everything nice and firm :) Especially important when you're losing weight!