Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get Down With The Sickness

Happy Easter weekend! I've joined all of you out there in Blogland in the illnesses that are knocking people out left and right. I went home early from work on Thursday and stayed home yesterday. Today I'm feeling significantly better but still unable to leave the house without a big wad of tissues on my person. It's so, so gross to be blowing your nose everywhere, but better than being that adult who wipes her snot on her sleeve like a two year old.

I've also realized how much I HATE being sick. It's just so boring. You're not at work, but yet you can't do any of the fun things that you want to do when you're at home. No workouts either. That's the worst I think because I rely so much on working out to keep me levelheaded and happy. Instead I laid on the couch, ate whatever crap I could find (not much since I don't buy really bad stuff, but I did spend quite a bit of time with peanut butter and a spoon. Blech) and bitched at my husband about how bored I was. The worst part is that we're finally, FINALLY having some spring weather here in Seattle. Vitamin D all over the place! Seattle is the most beautiful city ever - but only when it's sunny! Which has probably been a total of two months in the last two years. Anyway, yesterday was gorgeous, and I was on forced bedrest. Lucky for me, today is even better! So hubby and I have been out running errands on foot. Save a little money in gas and get a bit of light exercise.

I also waxed my eyebrows for the very first time today! I wax other bits, but I've never done my brows because they don't really need it that much. But they did need some trimming, so I thought I'd do the whole shebang. I'm loving it, but right now I look lobster-esque around the brow. Hopefully it will fade shortly.

I've also decided to buckle down and do the final push to my goal weight. I'm going to start meeting with my trainer again and really refocus to get myself to 135. I'm happy with where I am, but I really want to do this. I've proven to myself in the last few months that I can maintain where I'm at, and I can see what I'll need to do to get myself to goal. It's doable. I wasn't sure if it would be, but it definitely is. I feel so good when I'm really sticking to my eating and working out plan, and just being really dedicated to it will get me there.

The paleo thing has been pretty incredible actually. I'm not able to do the full blown plan, but even just cutting out processed grains has been huge. It makes maintenence really easy, and it's done wonders for my skin. I have rosacea on my face, and when I'm sticking to plan it fades significantly.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and is lucky enough to get a bit of sun!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This past weekend I headed down to Portland for my close girlfriend's baby shower. I'm at the stage of live where practically everyone I know is pregnant. No, really. It's insane. There was another extremely pregnant friend there, and then another friend made her announcement as well. And there's 3 pregnant women on my floor at work. And one of my sister's-in-law is pregnant. I'm sure there's shortly more to be announced.

Anyway, that's not actually what this post is about. At the shower there was a woman that I apparently hadn't seen since just after college at my friend's wedding, around 8 years ago. At that time I'd started losing some weight, but I was still in the early stages and right around 200 or so. I was chatting with her a bit during the shower (she'd brought her 6 month old. See? Everyone!) and she seemed a bit cool, which I just figured was due to her focus on the baby and so many of our old friends being around to talk to.

As the party was winding down, I went to say goodbye to the guest of honor, and she and this other woman were chatting. When I was saying my goodbyes, the other woman admitted that she actually hadn't recognized me because I'd lost so much weight. I was kind of taken aback. I was REALLY heavy so long ago that I just can't imagine that I really look all that different than I ever did. I guess the whole thing made me feel really awkward, when I was supposed to be flattered?

I'm sure there are those of you with big weight losses that have experienced this type of thing. For me, I'm almost always left with that feeling of "Boy, was I really just so hideous before?" People mean well, and it IS flattering to hear that you look nice. But knowing that I was always the same person on the inside makes it hard to hear what people REALLY thought of your outside. It's kind of painful in a way. I keep waiting for this feeling to fade, but it seems to happen almost every time. I'm trying to just be flattered. It's really my own issues that make it hard to hear the compliments.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I just needed a break. I felt like I was getting to the point where weight loss and what I was eating was all I could think about. It was getting to be too much. Just a little burn out.

But I'm here and all is well. I've been maintaining my loss without too much trouble. I've been doing sort of a lazy person's paleo program and it's working really well for me. Sticking to lots of fruit, veggies, and protein. Weekends are still bumpy, but as usual, I'm working on it.

I have to say though, maintenence is so boring. It's a challenge, no doubt, but with none of the glory of weight loss. It's the red-headed stepchild of the weight loss world. It gets to be habit and routine - it has to if I'm going to be successful - but there are those days where you just think of all the years you have ahead of you to spend watching what you eat. And they feel loooooonnnnnnggggg. Although I have reached that point where when I make a poor choice, I feel it right away. I ate pizza for lunch last week and really thought I might have to take a nap under my desk for the afternoon. And french fries sit like a ten pound rock in my stomach.
I guess it's good that my body is telling me what it needs and keeping me in check. But I still weigh about 3 to 4 pounds more on a Monday than I do on a Friday, so there's still lots of work to do.