Sunday, October 17, 2010

Matching the Inside to the Outside

Personal training is so far so good. The lady is all about efficiency in workouts, and I'm feeling it. Every exercise is planned to work more than one major muscle group and pretty much always works abs. Awesome. I feel like I work hard, but not in an overwhelming or time comsuming way. It's only about 6-8 different exercises and I feel it everywhere.

She's also suggested I drink more water - a glass before every meal. She pegged my achilles heel immediately so at least I know she's paying attention. It's so sad that others are able to see the obvious things about us so easily, while we struggle to figure ourselves out. Forest for the trees, I guess.

She also suggest I could fiber instead of calories. We'll see about that - I'll try for both. I hate to give up calorie counting - it really does give me perspective on what my body really needs.

We also did measurements and weight for the start of the fitness challenge I'm signed on for at the gym. I weighed in at 162.8. She asked me my highest and lowest weights as an adult, and seemed honestly shocked when I told her my highest - I guess around 210-215 because at the time I stopped bothering to weigh myself. It's funny, because I feel like that number is still written on my forehead. Like everyone knows, when of course they don't. They have no idea - to most people I've always looked how I do now. I carry it around with me though.

I signed up for Facebook recently and put up a few pictures. People who I haven't talked to in years and knew me way back when all commented on how good I look now. And here I am STILL trying to lose weight. Puts it in perspective. And it kills me how the effects of weight loss on others never seems to end. I'm always me, but people see you differently depending on the size. It makes you kind of paranoid - wondering what people REALLY think when they look at you. I really think the key is to not give a sh*t - it's about what I think about how I look. Sometimes hard to remember, but absolutely worth those moments when you make it happen.

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