Thursday, October 28, 2010

10K Weekend

Wow, COMMENTS! Thanks guys! I've been slacking about posting because I've been trying to comment elsewhere and get some traction. Knowing that someone's paying attention will keep me in line and actually posting. Thanks for the help, Allen!

Hubby and I finished our 10k this weekend! I was feeling pretty unenthused overall just because I had originally intended to do a half marathon (I got injured in training) so this just felt like a consolation prize, but I had a really good time. I certainly didn’t PR, but I wasn’t too far off either.

Unfortunately I did myself in eating-wise, which I really think contributed to my disappointing time. It’s tough when we go to Portland because I have a lot of friends that I want to see, and oftentimes meeting somewhere for a meal is the easiest thing to do. I say that, but truthfully I’ve never really spent time thinking of other options. Our time together has changed dramatically over recent years because so many people have kids now. Maybe in the future it’d be better to just take the kids to the park or some easy activity like that. Might be a nice change for everyone.

It was really dinner that was the problem – spicy thai food. Lots of calories, and as I’ve gotten older, I can’t take the spiciness. We ate every meal out on Saturday which I hated and I think all the meals just built up to an overall feeling of misery. I thought I did okay at breakfast, but looking back at it, I had a biscuit and some cheese grits (Bob’s Red Mill – delicious!) and those are just things I don’t really eat anymore. For good reason. They’re high calorie and pretty much a waste nutrition-wise.

I was reading Refuse to Regain last week and Barbara was discussing the feedback from the maintenance group that met. Specifically they were discussing how the short term maintainers really try to incorporate starches and sugars into their diet in some small way, whereas long term maintainers have long since realized that these items simply need to be eliminated. I feel like I’m at a similar crossroads. Not only are these foods keeping me from losing weight, but they make me feel like garbage. I’m realizing that I simply can’t eat that way anymore. It’s not even worth it to have these things as a “treat” because it’s NOT a treat. They make me feel terrible! Recovering from them takes a day or two. In the meantime, I start getting random cravings for things I really don’t need – and never really eat anymore. Chips and candy and bread. It’s like when I give in once it makes it harder not to give in the next time and the cravings suddenly appear. So it's going to be an ongoing challenge, but right now I'm really trying to stay off sugar and crappy carbs. They're just not doing me any favors.

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  1. Sugar really is the devil, and it's great that you've recognized it! Of course, getting through the holidays while eliminating carbs and sugars is a real challenge. Good luck, I know you can do it!