Thursday, October 28, 2010

And So It Begins

Boy, now that someone's actually looking at this thing, I feel like I should really spruce up the place. Give it a little glam. At least some accessories.

I work in an office, as lots of you out there do. I actually have a really creative job that I enjoy and am lucky to have in this economy. But there are some serious drawbacks in terms of weight loss. Not only do I have to deal with the usual sitting at a computer for 6-8 hours a day, but I'm on a team with big time bakers. I'm talking cookies, scones, pies, cakes, brownies, you name it. Three to four days a week at least. Not to mention the team potlucks and parties. And now it's here - The Holiday Season.

I didn't take pictures but the desserts for Halloween on Friday were insane. I'm happy to say that I did not partake. But the white chocolate dipped Nutter Butters were awfully tempting.

How do people eat this stuff? My coworkers are almost all normal weight. Some are ridiculously small. I seriously don't get it. Most of them seem to eat nothing but total garbage. They eat out all the time. They snack on processed carbs and tons of sugar. Almost every day I put together my salad for lunch in the kitchen at work, and they all walk by with their takeout and tv dinners and wistfully mention how they wish they had time to make their lunches the way I do. I may be the one trying to lose weight, but pretty much everyone I know could stand to be healthier.

In the past I've found myself thinking "I'm going to a party, a friend's house, it's a holiday, etc. - I'll eat better after that." This time around more than any other weight loss attempt, I've truly realized that there's ALWAYS a reason to dodge eating right if you want to. It's not those huge shifts in thinking or eating. It's not the South Beach diet, Atkins, or going vegan. It's those moment to moment choices of skipping a slice of chocolate cake that your coworker brings in, cutting your entree in half when you go out, sharing your meal instead of eating it all yourself. All these things over and over, choice by choice. When you think too far into the future, it seems daunting. So breaking it down into manageable pieces makes all the difference. We all make some bad choices, but by making the very next one the best choice, you're always moving in the right direction. I just want to keep moving in the right direction, and not let this holiday season cause me to backtrack. I WON'T let it.

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