Monday, December 6, 2010

Immediate Consequences

Thanks for the advice on the last post guys! You're absolutely right - no point in worrying about what may or may not happen. But I'm sure you all know that sometimes it's easier said than done.

So if I needed further proof that my eating habits have changed how my body operates, I got it this weekend. Saturday was the Civil War (Go Beavs! Sad, but unsurprising outcome) and the Apple Cup. We headed over to a friend's house where I proceeded to have more beer than I've had in months, and then we went to another friend's holiday party that night where I had champagne on top of that. Oh, and some soft cheeses and snacky things. I wasn't intoxicated thanks to the gallons of water I drank in between drinks, but even that didn't save me. Let's just say that going from salads, veggies, and lean meats to a bunch of alcohol and crapola didn't sit even remotely well with the system. Didn't have a bad weigh in this morning because yesterday my body was having none of it - out it went. Gross I know, but almost impressive. I was so sorry I did it. The reality is that I'm feeling the affects of when I eat poorly right away now. It catches up with me immediately and it's just not worth it.

I get to work this morning, and no joke there's an entire cake and entire pie sitting in the kitchen. Didn't even get close to them. It was back to fruit, veggies, and soup for this wayward girl.


  1. Go Ducks!!! :D I couldn't resist...

    Good for you for having all the water -- that probably kept the nasty after-effects from being even worse... :P Isn't it amazing how quickly your body adapts to the healthy food, and then can't tolerate the junk you used to have on a regular basis?

  2. Aaugh! A duck fan?! Good thing I need all the comments I can get :D

    It IS amazing. It's a good thing my body is so smart since sometimes my brain isn't.

  3. I am glad you are ok, and this is a pretty cool NSV-for those of use that aren't prudish about TMI ;)

    It's happened to me too. I ate some m&m's and was left with a very heavy feeling gut, but it wasn't too long before my gut made it's feelings well known. I won't do that again in a hurry!