Monday, May 9, 2011


Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's a tough Monday today. Even making it to the gym this morning didn't lift my mood like I was hoping it would, but I'll just keep on trucking.

I've signed back up with my trainer and sessions start on the 25th. My workouts need a serious boost, so the timing is excellent.

On a more personal note, does anyone else out there just feel like you have these times in life where you just never say or do the right thing? That every natural instinct is just totally wrong? Lately I feel like everything I say and do just manages to piss off or upset someone. I think it's partly the dreariness here in Seattle is dragging everyone down and making them crabby, but I'm also trying to look at what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I'm the crabby one? Sometimes I just wish it was easier to see ourselves as we really are so we could fix all the things that need fixing. Instead we sort of flounder around just doing the best we can. Compassion, both towards ourselves and towards others, is really the answer. It's just not always easy to feel it or make it happen.

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